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CBD dosage for health

CBD oil is a dietary supplement made with CO2 extraction. For this purpose, the flowers of the industrial hemp are loosened during the extraction. What remains is a dark green and bitter-tasting extract. We then mix it to create a legal product. Without the mixture, the cbd oil would have too much THC and would therefore not be legally salable. The effects of CBD range from calming, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and is even used pharmaceutically for serious diseases such as cancer. Depending on the severity and intensity of the disease, an individual dosage can be made.

The general rules for choosing the best dosage strength:

The low cannabidiol dosage:

A low strength can probably make sense for less severe symptoms. Especially as a CBD beginner, the motto “a lot helps a lot” does not apply. On the contrary, at the beginning you should approach the right dosage. It is best to start with a 3-5% CBD oil and put 2-5 drops under your tongue and let it sink in. After a minute or two you swallow the hemp oil. In fact, the longer the better. You can rely on this type of CBD intake for a high-quality CBD product. Because this is how the CBD active ingredients work twice. First by absorption in the mouth and throat via the oral mucosa and later also via the mucous membranes in the gastrointestinal tract.

→ A weak dosage for beginners would be, for example, 0.2 mg/kg CBD per 5 kg body weight.


medium cbd strength

→ 3 mg CBD per 5 kg (0.6 mg/kg)



High cbd dosage

→ 6 mg CBD per 5 kg (1.2 mg/kg)


It’s important to keep in mind that these calculations are for pure CBD and not CBD oil.

As an oil, CBD is often sold in a small bottle with a dropper attached. The dropper helps users to achieve a very precise dosage of the CBD, making it easy to monitor the dosage. Everyone reacts differently to the same dose of a bedrocan strain, regardless of weight or gender. Therefore, it is difficult to generalize information about CBD oil dosage.

Even though there are no significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in CBD, the exact dosage of CBD should be adjusted to the individual consuming it. There are a few general guidelines for dosing CBD oil that beginners can benefit from. First, the CBD content on the bottle should be checked.

 Beginners are advised to slowly increase their CBD oil dosage. Newbies can also die formula

   CBD in mg / bottle size in ml = Use CBD in mg/ml to regulate your dosage.

In general, 1 ml is taken up with each pipette. A low dosage of CBD is 1 mg per 4.5 kg of body weight. A medium dosage would be 3 mg per 4.5 kg of body mass and a high dosage would be 6 mg per 4.5 kg of body mass.

Conclusion of cbd and cbda dosage

For example, a woman who weighs 79 kg is looking for a medium dose.

First, the body mass of 79 kg is divided by 4.5 kg to determine how the factor 4.5 affects the total weight. In this case it is 17.5. This number is then multiplied by 3 (medium CBD dosage). The result is a CBD oil dosage of 52 mg per day. If the consumer experiences little or no relief from their symptoms, they can always consider increasing their CBD dosage.