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What causes calcium deficiency in dairy cows?

Calcium deficiency in dairy cows is a serious problem. It is also a common one that most dairy farmers experience. But what exactly is calcium deficiency and what causes it? When a cow suffers from calcium deficiency, the calcium levels in her blood have dropped to a level that is too low to be healthy. It is a metabolic disorder that usually occurs in cows right before or after calving. This is due to the increased need for calcium during lactation. Calcium deficiency in dairy cows is also known as milk fever. Luckily, this is something that can be easily avoided with the expert help of Kimtec International.

How to avoid calcium deficiency in your dairy cows

The right feed can help you avoid calcium deficiency. Dairy cows need a special diet to keep them healthy and lactating. To help you keep your cows on a balanced diet with all the right nutrients, Kimtec International produces high quality feed additives and supplements. To prevent milk fever or calcium deficiency, Kimtec International has developed a range of anionic salts. These supplements help restore the calcium levels in dairy cows after calving by promoting a more acidic balance that helps to mobilize calcium in the blood during lactation. To make feeding these supplements easier, the company has invested a lot of research into making them palatable for cows while you can still store them in various conditions.

Choose only the highest-quality additives for your dairy cows to avoid calcium deficiency

Do you wish to prevent or cure calcium deficiency in your farm’s dairy cows? Choose the KatAn anionic salt supplements developed by Kimtec International. This company specializes in the development and manufacturing of various feed supplements and additives for dairy. They invest heavily in research to keep improving their products and your cow’s health and productivity. They are always made according to the highest quality control standards such as HACCP and GMP. Many companies and farmers worldwide already feed this supplements to their dairy cows to prevent calcium deficiency. Why not join them? The company’s experts will gladly advise you on the best feeds for your livestock.