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We review the best and worst of Electric Fat Tyre Bikes in 10 points.


The fundamental thing you should know about this type of bicycle.



His incredible ball allows the tires to be brought to very low pressure. We have come to circulate at less than 1 bar of pressure on both wheels and have even been able to lower the figure to circulate on the sand of the beach or the desert.


2- buoyancy

Its large diameter facilitates the passage of obstacles. It engulfs everything that lies ahead and allows us to enter rough terrain that with other bikes would become roads of dubious cyclability.



It does not matter what the route provides us. It allows you to move with solvency in snow, mud, stones, rocks or sand. Therefore, it is one of the bikes most used by explorers and adventurers in their most extreme expeditions.


4- FUN

The fact of transmitting to a user new sensations on its large wheels is unquestionable. For those who are not looking for time or performance, it is simply a new way to MTB and have fun.



It is an impact bike. During the first trips with the fat bike everything has been faces of amazement, amazement and interest. If you like to go unnoticed, this is not your bike.



Especially in the descents, before technical or complicated steps, the confidence in the traction and absorption of the tires transmits a feeling of control and stability that is difficult to match.



Everyone likes to circulate with joy but obviously circulating at such low pressures weighs down on us affecting our average. On asphalt, the hum of the tires gets into your head.



It is difficult to puncture one of these wheels (the wider rim avoids the pinches of the tube), but it is difficult to tubelize, the amount of the tires is high (more than € 100 at times) and the size of the tube complicates its transportation.



In the Sahara desert, on the Titan dunes or on the icy slopes of Antarctica you are the boss, but outside of their context, most bikes are more efficient when it comes to performance.



The usual enemy. Fat bikes are not light, it is an evidence that we will keep in mind when it comes to pedaling upwards or when we launch the bike when exiting a tight curve.