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Ticketswap – buy and sell tickets safely

The internet, you use it for everything these days. You have been able to buy and sell products or services for a long time. But in recent years, this has also been abused with Tickets for events and festivals.

They can do that better at Ticketswap. They provide a safe way to buy tickets. In this article we explain everything! also how to contact Ticketswap

Would you like to go to a concert of an event but the tickets are sold out? You can then go to the different markets, but here you have no guarantee. Tickets can be sold multiple times or at the top price, so also this article about the safety of alternatives such as Ticketswap


What is it?

Ticketswap is a service with its own website where people can buy second-hand tickets. You can also sell your own cards. They also call this secondary second-hand ticket sales in jargon. Other examples where you can do this are Ticketsonly and Viagogo.

How do I sell tickets via Ticketswap?
If you want to sell a ticket for an event on Ticketswap, you must first register on the site. You should always keep yourself outside. This of course also to make everything safe.

You can register this with Facebook, your account will then be developed on your Ticketswap account. You cannot sell tickets that are not personal. So you cannot resell tickets that you have won.

So can you not go once do you want to get your money back? Then you can always sell them


Maximum price

You can ask for a maximum of 120% of the original ticket price. This is to prevent brisk trading from the extortionate cards. This price is based on the higher ticket price.

Is your ticket sold via Ticketswap? Then you will receive a confirmation by text message and e-mail with the amount that you have received.

How do I buy tickets?
If you want to buy tickets for a fun festival, you first have to search for the experienced event. Then you can see what offer is available. You find out the sales and the price yourself.

After you have received a card and seller, you will automatically be forwarded to the payment screen. It takes about 1 to transfer the money to the seller. When he has received the money, you get your cards.

Switch safely
Ticketswap makes agreements with ticket companies and event organizations. They do this to be able to move the authenticity of a ticket before buying it.

They need this Secure Swap. The old ticket will be disabled after sale and a new ticket will be created. For example, a seller cannot resell a card multiple times. Nor can he go to the party by himself.

To ask
Sometimes it is not possible to buy or sell a ticket. Fortunately, you can contact us for help. This is both a contact person for buyers and sellers.

You can contact us by phone, contact form, Whatsapp or take a look at their frequently asked questions.

Phone number Ticketswap: 020 532 0856

Ticketswap can be found here: