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The very best sheet fed die cutter

While initially found as a supplying service to rotary offset presses, Gyromag has since developed themselves into the very best in sheet fed die cutter technology. Their rotary die cutting unites for rotary presses were first developed in the nineties of the last century, they since improved on their sheet fed die cutter and A3 die cutting machine line-up. Their production speed is incredibly fast: their die cutter have a speed of 250 m/min, which also includes the inline waste removal. For the very best in sheet cutting, trust in the experts of Gyromag.

Die cutting has never been easier

Sheet fed die cutting has never been easier thanks to excellent A3, A4 or other size cutter. Die cutting is elevated to the next level thanks to the equipment from these manufacturers. With their years of experience, these engineers combine high-quality materials with leading-edge technology. With machines by this company, you can make the best possible end products fast, easy and without high costs. The set up time of the A3 die cutting machine, for instance, is just five minutes. Better yet, the waste of this machine is just five sheets per set. As the feeder runs, you can easily fill the machine with extra sheets without having to turn it off. For all these tasks, from running to filling, no skilled operator is needed – as these machines are very easy to work with.

Excellent customer service

When ordering your machine from Gyromag, you benefit from exquisite customer services. Worldwide shipping guarantees that you will get your cutting machine wherever you are. If you have a specific machine in mind that this company does not have in their inventory, do not hesitate to ask about custom-made solutions. The engineers will try their best to make a machine that fits your requirements. These custom-made machines will still have the high quality materials you expect from these experts in sheet cutting technology.