Squash: A sport for fun or for health?

Squash is a sport that has been around for a long time. Though it seems that not everyone has picked up the sport or heard of it. That is a shame since it has recently been called the healthiest sport on earth what makes me wonder: Why don’t more people play the game of squash and where in the world is squash the most popular? But to explore all these questions and more, we first have to take a look at what squash exactly is and why people play it today.

Squash: What is it?

Squash is a game that is played by two people. It’s important to wear the right squash gear when playing squash. You can find this on a website like www.qss-squash.com. It is played in a court with 4 walls and both players are allowed to use all of  the walls to get the ball to hit the frontwall. That is a must, every ball that is played must reach the front wall and not bounce more than two times. When the ball bounces two times before a player gets to it the point is handed over to the other player. This player is allowed to start with the serve, if he or she has won the point from the other player.

When two players decide to play eachother it is no problem on what level the two players are. On each level of playing the game can get extremely intense what makes it more fun. It is a very competitive game what makes it hard to play on every level. A game of squash between beginners can get just as intense as a game of squash between advanced players.

Why is squash healthy?

In a research done by Forbes squash has been called the healthiest sport there is. They have based this on a number of important things to why sports are healthy in general. The research shows that it is possible to burn over 500 calories playing squash for half an hour. This means that it is even possible to burn more than a thousand calories within an hour!

Because squash is the most intense sport there is it is hard to keep up and play without injuries. You will have to be very careful when you are playing squash and really think about stretching before playing a game. Otherwise the risk on getting (minor) injuries is very big.

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