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Shoot for the sky with a confetti machine

Every event needs a little something extra. Next to the music, program and decorations you need something that pops! Surprises always work great, and that exactly what The Confetti Maker provides. At the highlight of the night or at the climax of the song, a confetti machine can make a big difference. They add to the overall atmosphere and make the event one people will find hard to forget! The Confetti Maker offers a broad range of confetti machines and has one for every size venue. They love to think of better ways of surprising the crowd with a show they will remember for a long time. Shouldn’t every event be like this?

Great equipment available for every kind of venue

Whether you own a smaller venue or have a job in an arena. The Confetti Maker has a solution for every size and kind of venue. Do you want to give the MC something to shoot confetti into the crowd with? Choose for the TCM FX® Confetti Gun! Are you trying to fill an arena with color? Choose for the TCM FX® Mega Cannon. Every piece of equipment is powered by a powercon connection and is adjustable in any direction! Give your guests the night of their live and go big, or go home!

Get all the information you need

Are you interested in a confetti machine? Or do you need more information on one of the pieces of equipment? Make sure to get in touch with the team of The Confetti Maker. They are very helpful in finding the right solutions for your specific situation. Get in touch right away and find out what works best for you. Create amazing memories by giving your guests the experiences that will be remembered a lifetime. Shoot for the sky and create memories by doing so!