Optimum drying results by using a belt dryer

If you want to achieve the best drying results, you must use low value and/or residual heat to efficiently dry your matters. A belt dryer is a perfect machine to achieve this. It is the ideal solution for drying matter that has a high moisture level. The result is a usable, dry product. But how does a belt dryer work? The material that must be dried is transported with a moving conveyer belt into the dryer. The hot air is sucked through the material in order to dry it. This hot air has a temperature of 50 °C, which is already enough to achieve a good drying result.

A sustainable solution for drying materials

To achieve optimal drying results, you need a belt dryer build and installed by Dutch Dryers BV. These bespoke belt dryers are designed and produced in-house at Dutch Dryers BV, just as their fantastic drum dryers. This ensures optimal quality of the machines and quick delivery after purchase. Another main advantage of the belt dryer is that it is a sustainable solution that requires only minimal drying capacity. The process of building a sustainable belt dryer consists of the following subsequent stages:

  • Orientation
  • Design
  • Pilot
  • Build and installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service and maintenance

Request a quotation and discuss your requirements

The experts of Dutch Dryers BV are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you and work out a business case for your belt dryer. They can make a proper assessment as they build both the drum and the belt dryers, which makes it possible to even provide you with a hybrid that combines characteristics of both machines. Do not hesitate to contact these professionals and inform them about the requirements your machine must have. A quote can be requested online or by directly calling the company.