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Is shortage of storage the real problem? Test it here!

When your business is growing, it can be quite frustrating when your storage becomes too small for the products you can offer. Having enough storage space is not something you would necessarily think about at the start. However, as your core business grows, you will find that other processes and things like physical space will need to grow as well in order to cope with the growth of the core business. Moving to a larger storage facility may seem obvious, but in these times it is definitely not the most advantageous move. The question is whether this is the right investment. There are other solutions for your lack of space. 

Check your stock

As a company you want to serve your customers as well as possible. This means that you always have the products that are in high demand in stock and you can deliver them quickly. In today’s competitive market you cannot afford to have products out of stock. Therefore, in order to optimise your storage space, you should think carefully about the items you have in stock. It can be to your advantage to have a large and wide range of products, but if you want to make good use of your space, you will have to make some careful choices about the products you offer. If you have a lot of products in stock that are not selling or are barely selling, we recommend you to take them out of your range. In the long run, this will give you much more. 

Use all the space you got 

Many storage areas have very high ceilings but the space in the air is hardly used. This is a real shame as this is where the opportunities are. You can double the amount of usable square metres by having a mezzanine floor installed. This floor serves as a separate extra floor in your current space. With this one-off investment, you double the space you have and can store twice as much stuff as before. The space is there, the solution just isn’t there yet! On you will find several possibilities. The specialists are ready to come up with the best tailor-made solution for you.