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How should your new Office look like?

How should your new Office look like?

A change of office has for many of us for almost as much an impact as moving house. Many people spend more time in the office than at home. At Mars in Glasgow they recently moved into their newly renovated office space. How to go about such a thing? Office Interior design Glasgow has always been under the influence of the rest of the world because of Glasgow’s international history, through the shipbuilding industry.

Mars is known, amongst other things for chocolate (Mars, Snickers, M&M …), rice (Uncle Ben’s) and animal feed (Whiskas, Pedigree, Sheba …). The company has several branches in our the UK, including a factory in the West Midlands, but this major renovation took place in the office in Glasgow. We will discuss here some tips and experiences with the two peopele involved in this ‘ project’ at Mars.

1. Embed the corporate culture

Layed down in the design brief was: trendy, warm and soothing visually throughout by the use of harmonious colours. Contributing to collaboration. Those were the requirements for the new workplace. But above all, the new office had to breathe the corporate culture. “All around the world the offices of Mars are open-plan. For example, there are no high cabinets or space dividers, “says Kathy Olson, corporate affairs director at Mars Glasgow. “Furthermore, everyone is easily and instantly approachable and there are no obvious signs of hierarchy. For example, everyone has the same office desk.” A contemporary Office is also versatile and equipped with the latest technology. “For example, flexible spaces, such as a restaurant that also can be used as a meeting room,” says Brigitte Daniels, office service & fleet manager at Mars.

2. Consider the function of the Office

Many companies have employees on flexible hours or sometimes they work at home. “That means that, when you are in the office, the social function is very important”, emphasises Kathy Hales. “We find the ‘sense of belonging’ very important. So that is something to keep in mind: instead of large meeting rooms we have chosen for many more small meeting rooms and break out areas “, she says.

3. Start with a white sheet

For Mars, the Interior Design Consultancy Glasgow began with the core functions of the office: connecting – collaborate – concentrate – create. As a result, one could organise the space from scratch with an open mind. “From the very beginning we have made the centre hall the ‘coffee lounge’ where you can use cold and hot drinks throughout the day,” said Hales. Another example is the silent room: a space where you – to a maximum of three hours – can work undisturbed and in silence.”

4. Who decides?

After validation of the concept, the budget and the choice of architectural firm with management, Mars formed a team founded on freedom and responsibility that also got to run this project. “”A team of six people with very complementary talents: some creative, conceptual, systematic and pragmatic and other outspoken technically”, says Brigitte Daniels. “We were so very complementary and that turned out to be essential in the different steps of our renovation.”

5. Safety first

A not to mention aspect was the safety. “Before we started, for example, we have to use all the materials viewed with a fire safety specialist. So we were definitely in accordance with the security requirements, “said Daniels. In addition, it was thought to durability. “Separate garbage boxes next to each desk to one central place where all waste is separated. Printers are no longer spread throughout the Office, but in a concealed space “, says she. As a result, there is no noise pollution more and move the employees more.

6. Ask everyone’s input

A new Office takes care of a lot of feedback for employees. That was at Mars no different. “We have also asked for feedback. The result confirmed what we had thought. More small meeting rooms are one example of this, “said Kathy Hales. “Once the concept had been given clear form, we have five open information sessions held with our employees where there are still plenty of feedback could be given. That we have used in the final phase. “

7. And last but not least…the office warming party(s)

At Mars they did there even several. “We have the new office a first time inaugurated on Monday that we all come to work effectively.” A second time was in the presence of the Mars family, the owners of the Corporation. “They are almost always present at important projects in order to underline its importance,” said Hales. “The third was an afternoon when everyone was allowed to invite friends and family to come and take a look.”