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Heated gloves

With autumn approaching soon, it is good to plan ahead and see how you are going to prepare for the cold days. If you cycle to work every day, work outside, take long walks with the dog or exercise outdoors, you want to avoid cold hands at all times. Thankfully, these days we have heated gloves that ensure you don’t have to suffer from these discomforts.

Heated gloves offer warmth and comfort when you go out on cold autumn days. Because everyone experiences cold in a different way, there is a suitable heated glove for different types of people, but also for different types of weather. For those people who are not bothered by the cold that much, undergloves are perfect. These are thinner and non-insulated heated gloves. You can use these, for example, during a walk or under your work gloves. Despite being thin, the glove is extremely comfortable and wonderfully warm.

For avid cyclists, there is a special heated glove that, like the under glove, is thin but flexible. The advantage of the cycling glove is that it is wind and waterproof. Especially with higher speeds on your bike, this can come in handy. Because the glove is thin, it remains easy to operate the shifting mechanism and the bell on the bike.

When the temperatures start to get really chilly, the heated glove with lining is genuinely nice to wear. This is a heated glove which, in addition to being wind and waterproof, is also lined and therefore a little thicker. The heat released is thus retained even better. Despite the glove being a bit thicker, it remains easy to move your hands and you remain flexible. This heated glove is perfect for people who are out and about in the winter months but also for winter sports enthusiasts.

If riding a motorbike is your hobby, it is of course nice to do so in the most comfortable way possible. The heated glove is also available as heated motor gloves. These gloves offer the same benefits as the regular heated glove, but in addition, it also has extra reinforced fabric and fall protection built into the glove.

Besides the fact that the models all have heating on the top, covering all fingers and the entire hand, there is also the so-called Dual Heating variant. These heated gloves have the heating wires on both the top and bottom of the glove, allowing both sides of the hand to be heated separately from each other. For example, you can heat the top of the hand to the maximum while heating the bottom of your hand on a lower setting.

We can conclude that there is a perfect heated glove available for all occasions. You won’t have to suffer from cold hands next winter. If you are looking for more information about heated gloves, you can find the gloves from BERTSCHAT® at their website. They can also advise you here on which glove is right for you.