FIFA 19 title update and cheap coins

Now that the FIFA 19 season is in full swing, we are bringing you a new edition of ‘Van de dug-out’. This time we are talking about the changes in the fourth title update for FIFA 19, which is now available for all PC players and the release of which is expected soon for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As part of our constant drive to provide information about the changes we are making in the game, we focus in this article on some of the most important changes in this title update, especially those in gameplay. This article only deals with a few of the changes in this title update. View this message for a complete list of everything in this update.  Get your FIFA 19 coins here for the best price.

In this title update we have focused on changes to the defense of AI teammates, the effectiveness with which a well-timed tackle can put the dribbling player off the ball and the effect of defensive pressure on the fatigue of a player.

We have heard from the community that sometimes it was not rewarding enough to manually control your defending players, and that it was so effective to let your AI defend that the result of self-governing your defending players did not always outweigh the risk that you took with it. To make driving your defenders a more rewarding and effective way of defending, we have made a few changes to the way an AI teammate defends during the game.

Before we go deeper into the changes that have been specifically implemented in the defense of an AI teammate, we must first describe what an AI teammate is.

An AI teammate is any player on the field who is not controlled by a human or is not a computer-controlled AI player. We discussed this last term in earlier ‘From the dug out’ articles, of which you will find a repetition at the bottom of this article *. As an example we take a FUT Champions competition in which each team has a man-controlled player. The AI ​​teammates are all players on the field except for the two players who are actively controlled by the people at any given moment.

Given the above, these are the situations in which AI teammates occur:

AI teammates appear in the following situations:
In a team without human players.
For example, the computer-controlled team in Squad Battles.
In a team with human controlled player (s) that are not linked to specific players.
For example both teams in FUT Division Rivals.
In a team with human player (s) that are linked to specific players and that also has computer teammates.
For example, a professional club team with fewer than 11 human players.
AI teammates do not occur in the following situations:
In a team that consists entirely of human players that are all linked to specific players.
For example, a professional club team with 11 human players.
With that in mind, let’s focus on the two changes that have been made in this title update to defending AI teammates.

Block the shot by defending AI teammate
To make it more rewarding to drive your defending player in the vicinity of the 16, we have made a few changes to the distance a defending AI teammate can reach if he tries to block an incoming shot. Before the title update, the AI ​​teammate could reach the same distance as a man-controlled defender in blocking an incoming shot. After this title update, an AI teammate defender can reach a shorter distance than a man-controlled defender.

This is an example with a situation where a shot before and after the title update should be blocked, and that the change is emphasized to the AI ​​teammate supporters. Before the title update: the AI ​​teammate defender reaches very far to block a shot and thereby prevents the shot from coming through. After the title update: the same AI teammate defender goes far less when blocking the shot, causing the shot to come through and reach the target.