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Discover what innovative solutions of tree planning companies can do for city nature

Gardens, parks and other natural environments are an important part of cities. They are essential for the appearance of a city and the quality of life of its residents. Tree planting companies constantly use innovative solutions to maintain city nature. However, in most cases, they face different problems and challenges during the planting process in natural areas. That is because an urban environment is not perfectly suitable for planting trees. But there is good news: many solutions of today, which are developed by tree planting companies, are actually very stimulating. One of these innovative companies is Treebuilders. They are specialized in creating a balance between maintaining city nature and protecting city infrastructure and utilities buried underground. Their experts have the knowledge and experience to let trees thrive and mature in an environment which cannot offer the necessary natural sources.

The bioretention system creates an effective clean water management

Roots lack sufficient space to grow naturally in urban environments. The incapability to absorb water becomes a major problem, which leads to a premature death of the trees. On the other hand, when uncontrolled root growing takes place, city infrastructure could be severely damaged. The innovating solution that Treebuilders has developed, is the so called ‘bioretention system’. This system serves both subsurface water retention and infiltration, which makes an effective clean water management possible. In short, the bioretention system avoids a bad natural water balance, which is caused by urbanization.

This company is happy to tell you more about their solutions

Treebuilders can be considered as one of the most innovative companies when it comes to modern, reliable and durable tree planting technologies. Besides the bioretention system, this company has developed a variety of other effective solutions. One of them is the ‘sandwich construction’, a pressure spreading system that keeps soil from compacting and gives roots more space to grow. Do you have questions about the bioretention system or the other solutions Treebuilders has to offer? Do not hesitate to contact their specialists.