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Discover the innovative Parker HRO Watermaker at this company

AquaControl Marine is a worldwide supplier and specialist in Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) watermakers. This company is a Premium Service Distributor of potable watermaker systems and delivers products from Parker HRO, Sea Recovery, and Village Marine. Their reliable, durable, and high-quality watermakers can be used for leisure, but also by companies in the marine and offshore market. The product range of AquaControl Marine includes units with production capacities ranging from 640 l/day to 1200 m3/day. One of their high-quality products is the Parker HRO Watermaker. The specialists from this company are happy to inform you about this watermaking system and advise you about the right application.

The efficiency of HRO systems

Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) is a pioneer in the area of watermakers. Founded in 1975, it is the first manufacturer of economic and compact marine watermakers for use in the boating industry. Since then, they have developed their watermakers continually on the basis of new watermaking technologies and innovations. What makes, for example, the Parker HRO watermaker more efficient? Before the introduction of the HRO watermakers, producing potable water aboard a boat could only be done by either catching rain or using inefficient heat evaporation systems. The compactness of the Parker HRO watermaker is also a great advantage; thanks to the relatively small scale reverse osmosis desalination system, producing freshwater had never been that efficient.

Benefit from the latest watermaking technologies

At AquaControl Marine, you can choose from various watermaking systems. Compact watermakers, energy-efficient watermakers, fully automatic watermakers or silent watermakers: every system which is suitable for you is based on the latest watermaking technologies. When you have, for example, a Parker HRO Watermaker which has to be repaired or maintained, the services of this company are available 24/7. Visit their website for more information or contact their specialists to enquire after the possibilities.