Custom-made grab cranes from a trustworthy partner

The most efficient way to handle large volumes of different materials is by using a grab crane. They are the perfect solution for corresponding industries such as bulk handling, stevedoring and dredging. PLM Cranes is specialized in producing grab cranes. They can equip you with high quality grab cranes for every conceivable job. All of their grab cranes are proven to have maximum unloading operating capacities and are custom designed. Besides that, they are duty cycle, rigid and low maintenance.


Handle your large volumes efficiently

Do you have a project coming up an need some help in designing and building the best possible grab cranes? PLM Cranes can help you with their excellent service and custom solutions. For every individual client, they make custom designs. That way, the grab crane does exactly what you need it to do and will have an unique design. Every once in a while, your grab crane need maintenance. Luckily for you, when you get your grab crane from PML Cranes, you can enjoy an unique design with low maintenance requirements. When your grab crane does needs maintenance, PML Cranes will take care of it – wherever your grab crane is located. One thing is for sure: they offer their customers excellent worldwide service from start to finish.


More about PLM Cranes

Located in the Netherlands, PML Cranes is a world-leading manufacturer of heavy and reliable duty cycle cranes. They produce them for multiple industries all over the world. The company started in 1990 with designing and constructing their first cranes. Nowadays, they are world leaders and can also supply other products like undercarriage, barges and grab dredgers. As an additional service, they can give you technical support, deliver spare parts and do repairs. Their services are available 24/7 and are fast and decisive when required. Do you want more information? Give them a call and maybe they will be your manufacturer in the future.