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Always the right flue dampers for your application

Flue dampers or other industrial valves should always be acquired from a manufacturer that delivers high-quality products. Hoogenboom Valves is such a company. They boast a wide range of industrial products and many years’ worth of satisfied customers. This company produces flue dampers, butterfly damper valves and many other industrial dampers and valves in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you require a solution that is outside their current product range, that is no problem at all. The experts at Hoogenboom Valves will get started right away on bespoke flue dampers or valves for your application!

Competitive priced high-quality products

Hoogenboom Valves delivers high-quality dampers and valves at a competitive price point. As such, you can expect top-quality material without having to pay exorbitant amount. This allows you to cut costs without ever compromising on quality. You can, in turn, supply your clients with high-quality solutions at a lower cost, giving you an edge over the competition. Hoogenboom produces its dampers and other valves with state-of-the-art technology, meaning you can trust in their flawless performance for many years to come.

Made-to-measure, durable solutions

If you commission a bespoke solution from Hoogenboom Valves, they really deliver. First and foremost, they will design the damper or valve with high-end 3D software. When you have ensured that the design meets your exacting standards, they will commence production using the latest laser cutting techniques and the very best source materials. The experienced professionals at Hoogenboom deliver a product that will meet every personal and official production and safety standard. The extraordinarily high quality of their valve works ensures you can enjoy a decades-long service life. As a case in point, valves they installed 36 years ago just after their company’s founding are still in operation! Now that’s a track record you can rely on.