Receive assistance worldwide through a global law network

Entrepreneurs whose businesses have an international character face multiple challenges with regards to local legislation and regulation. Not only is extensive knowledge of your own core business required, constant awareness of developing laws and precedents is needed as well. Staying knowledgeable of these developments is of the utmost importance if a legal problem or dispute […]


Import your cars safely from Japan or Dubai

The demand for the import of cars from countries such as Japan and Dubai has grown rapidly in recent years. It is a business in which not many companies are specialized. However, when you are looking for a partner for importing cars, you want an experienced company to work with. In that case, Marlog Car […]


IPC Training: group of individual session?

At PIEK, it is possible to book a IPC Training about a particular kind of subject. Besides, you can choose for individual sessions or group sessions. If you want to send your employees to a IPC Training course, several methods are available. On the one hand, PIEK offers open enrolment courses. These courses are suitable […]